Performance Facility

Theater Hangang
The best proscenium concert hall to satisfy both performers and audiences

The Grand theater has a Seating Capacity of 850 seats (650 seats on the 1st floor and 200 seats on the 2nd floor) in the shape of a proscenium Stages and equipped with state-of-the art facilities to perform of various genres including Classic Concert, Dance Performence, theatrical performance and Pop Concert.

The distance from the end of Stage to the end of the audience is designed as 18m, which gives excellent visibility to the audience s.and 84 batons on the stage make it possible to utilize various stages and produce high-quality performances.Various facilities such as a waiting room, a makeup room, a shower room and a dressing room provide the best environment for the performance team.
Theater Dreem
All-weather space in the Shape of a black box with experimental changes

The theater Dream has a Seating Capacity of 250 seats(176 seats on the Downstairs, and 40 seats on the Middlestairs and 20 Seats on the Upperstairs), Theater Dreeem is All-weather space in the Shape of a black box with experimental changes by Art Director, and than Adoption of retractable seating system provide the best environment for Give a sense of unity both performer & Audiences.
Art Gallery Greem
A creative art space offering relaxation in everyday through cultural exhibitions

Art Gallery # 1 is Nestled in Gang-dong Arts Center B1 Floor(271.6㎡) available in a space divided by movable partitions, and than Art Gallery # 2 is Nestled in Gang-dong Art Center 1st Floor(216㎡) same as support various work exhibition activities.
Located on B1F and 3F, Community Room (52.68 ㎡) and Space #3 (316.01 ㎡) are community spaces with sound systems and beam projectors for office work, education and lectures.

Located on 1F and 2F, Space #1 (316.01 ㎡) and Space #2 (319.05 ㎡) are transformable spaces with movable partitions. The stage and seating are not fixed, so you can display configurable exhibitions and perform small-scale performances.