Gangdong Arts Center

Nestled in Myeongil Neighborhood Park and its green spacewith spread pebble stone from jeju island, Gangdong Arts Center is a multi-complex for performances with a natural vibe, utilizing its surrounding environment.

It consists of a grass plaza, grand theater, small theater, art gallery, multi-purpose studio, cafe, and restaurants.The entrances of the 1st and 2nd floor of the performance halls are connected to the walkways of the park.With this unique structural feature, Gangdong Arts Center boasts of a great and beautiful landscape rarely found in Seoul metropolitan areas.

Opened in Sept. 1, 2011, Gangdong Arts Center seeks to provide a reasonable infra-specific space rather than mere splendor of its exterior, thereby maximizing the usability of its facilities.

With a variety of high-class art work, Community Art, Academy Program. Now Gangdong Arts Center is playing an important role in expanding the cultural foundation of Gangdong so that more residents can enjoy the cultural experiences